Cisco: Next Generation Platform

  • Network Architecture
    • ServiCom’s network architecture is built on a foundation of the latest Cisco routers, switches and adaptive security appliances that provide integrated firewall and intrusion detection/prevention services. Connectivity is comprised of a fully meshed MPLS network connecting the all facilities and data centers. Dedicated internet connectivity at each location allows for a VPN between the locations for backup.

    • ServiCom’ s primary data center is located in a facility featuring Zone 2 Seismic Code Construction; N+1 electrical design and distribution, including redundant UPS and battery backup, Automatic Transfer Switches, and back-up generator; Dry-piped, double-interlocked, pre-action fire protection system; 24 x 7 security monitoring with Biometric Palm Scan and Photo ID access cards required for entry; 24 x 7 Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring and Logging with backup tape storage; and True diverse fiber entrances.

    • Information technology services are hosted on Dell and HP servers. Services provided include: database, file, web, application, ftp, and terminal services. Servers are maintained on a 3 year refresh cycle ensuring manufacturer warranty and support through the end of service life. Servers are typically configured with redundant power supplies and disk arrays. 

    • ServiCom’s production database and primary files servers are housed in the centralized data center and are replicated asynchronously to backup target servers in a alternate data center. Tape backups of the critical data are sent off site to a secured facility.

  • Security
    • ServiCom’s network has been built from the ground up with client data security and confidentiality as a top priority. ServiCom leverages the Cisco Monitoring, Analysis and Response (MARS) platform to manage its infrastructure and monitor, identify, isolate, and counter security threats. MARS monitors security events and information from routers, switches, firewalls, and intrusion detection and server systems. MARS correlates findings to identify anomalous behavior and security threats and can also recommend precision removal of those elements, leading to rapid threat mitigation. MARS is also used to monitor logs and raises alerts related to network component health and capacity.

  • VoIP Converged Technology
    • ServiCom’s extensive implementation of a state of the art Cisco network platform is leveraged to provide a full range of Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities and services. ServiCom has implemented the Cisco Call Manager and IP Contact Center (IPCC) providing for intelligent call routing between centers, full geographically diverse redundancy, increased scalability and the ability to host remote agents. In addition, VoIP converged technology allows for the complete unification of all communications applications.