Campus Recruitment

At Servicom we are proud to be one of the most recognized and respected companies with a reputation for providing the highest quality of service to both our customers and business partners alike. Both Servicom and Vitel, wholly owned subsidiaries of JNet, share in the belief that dedication to Quality First is our competitive advantage and differentiates our Companies from the rest.

Our ability to continue to perform at the highest levels can only come from people who share our vision of tomorrow and our passion for new and innovative ways of reaching our goals. Our focus on ethnic, gender and cultural diversity in our campus recruitment and hiring practices strengthen the rich tapestry of our corporate make up and mirror the communities that we people answering phones serve.

That is what drives us to search for the best people, who possess the skills and competencies necessary for success. This includes the ability to develop winning strategies, drive results, and have a strong focus on employee and customer service. Having employees with varied work experiences, education and backgrounds makes us stronger...our differences do not divide us but make us stronger as we work together as a team.

We actively recruit for the best and the brightest potential employees at Campus Job Fairs across the United States and in cooperation with a variety of programs sponsored by local business and trade schools in communities around the country.

Our College Intern program provides opportunities for hands-on work experience and exposure to the rigors of the business world to top student achievers who are selected based on their superior skills and business aptitude. It provides a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience at the same time as they are earning their academic credits.