Diversity: The Sheer Essence of Who We Are

Servicom’s commitment to diversity is one that stems from our entire leadership team.  As a minority owned business we have equipped ourselves with a team that has a wide range of competencies, the ability to serve different needs and meet the challenges that will solidify us as being the best employer and company in the industry.  We effectively manage diversity by attracting, developing and retaining the finest combination of talented people. 

This commitment to diversity is not just a priority but the very heart, soul and spirit of our organizations. Our quest for continuous success is made possible by our dedicated workforce and the strength of our people.  The employees of Servicom, LLC, JNet Communications, LLC, and Vitel Communications, LLC reflect the customers we proudly serve.  Our  companies focus on diversity and make optimum use of the talent and opportunities that lie in the fact that people are different and different is needed to drive a company to it’s pathway of success. 

Our ultimate competitive advantage will always be our commitment to a diverse workforce.